About Us

Sike USA inc is an international company that specializes in the export and distribution of vegetable seeds and grasses to Latin America. Through an extensive research, breeding and development of new varieties, we come with the highest quality seed varieties that meet international standards and accomplish the success of our growers in their fields.

Our Products

Our product O.K. Seeds comes with the highest quality and unique varieties that are bred with the emphasis of delivering improved yield higher nutritional values and disease resistance. Varieties developed by Sike USA inc, are thoroughly trialed and tested under farming conditions and target markets are selected based on commercialized standards.

Our Vision

Through our commitment to excellence, in addition to the value placed in our people and products, our vision is to become the largest independent household company that offers the best high quality seed products to our customers in Latin America, through superior research, breeding programs and production techniques.

Our goal is to offer the best high quality seed products to our customers in Latin America through superior research, breeding and production techniques. Offering high yield variety seeds in international standards, we are a seed distribution company with headquarter in Miami, Florida, USA. All of us with O.K. Seeds, are committed to helping growers succeed.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Member 2015